Notification bot to track DeFi liquidity pools and ERC-20 tokens price change

One of the underrated free tools, which has no analogues on the market and that is used to monitor DeFi liquidity pools and ERC-20 token prices change, is the EtherDROPS bot in Telegram: 👈💹

The bot can only monitor the Ethereum network. However, almost 95% of all DeFi projects are on Ethereum. The most hyped ones are also there.

So what this bot will give you:

1) The ability to monitor the change in the price of ERC-20 tokens. The bot sends notifications when the price varies within the price range you set. You can set the minimum fluctuation of 0.01% to receive more frequent notifications, or a higher range if you wish. You just need to add an address of the token. As a result, there is no need to continuously update CoinMarketCap or DropsTab to check prices.

2) The ability to monitor changes in DeFi liquidity pools and this is the coolest bit. The bot will send you notifications for the selected % range change, you also configure it yourself. As a result you will always be notified if someone brought in and took away a small or a large chunk of liquidity. If anything suspicious is happening, your initial investment is in danger. That said you should always receive accurate information of what is happening, so you can act accordingly.

As a nice addition of this bot, you can track balances of any wallet in the Ethereum network, be it your personal wallet or the wallet of a project, whale or exchange you are interested to follow.

This bot will greatly facilitate your investments and trading ventures, and help you in making investment decisions. Moreover, if you have any questions or wishes, you can always contact the developers! A convenient user interface and a help-guide in Russian and English for new users is also built in. Check it out!
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Re: Notification bot to track DeFi liquidity pools and ERC-20 tokens price change

EtherDROPS has added another amazing feature! You can now monitor price change of ANY cryptocurrency, whether its Bitcoin, Altcoins or ERC-20!
Previously you could only monitor price of ERC-20 tokens.

In order to use this feature, you need to select "Add coin" option, then type in the name or symbol of cryptocurrency you are interested to follow, for example Bitcoin or BTC, and set the percentage change range you wish to have, for example 5%. If the price of Bitcoin will fall or rise by 5%, you will receive an instant notification, so then you can take according actions! :)
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Re: Notification bot to track DeFi liquidity pools and ERC-20 tokens price change

We have received a lot of questions - is it really possible to add and monitor prices of all cryptocurrencies, even Bitcoin?

Yes, absolutely any cryptocurrency can be added to monitoring.

When going to select the “Add coin” option. Next, write the name or ticker of the cryptocurrency, for example Bitcoin or BTC. In the next step you will given all the matching options for this cryptocurrency. Select the one you are after. When this is done, the bot will offer to choose a source for price monitoring - DEX (decentralised) or CEX(centralised). DEX is the preferable option. In the next step, add an adjustable range of price fluctuations. It can be absolutely any number. For example, if you enter 2, it means that as when the price falls or rises by 2%, you will immediately receive a notification on your Telegram account.

You can track any number of cryptocurrencies, liquidity pools, and wallets on the Ethereum network. :)
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Re: Notification bot to track DeFi liquidity pools and ERC-20 tokens price change

We`ve added a new functionality to our service DEX swap alert

The new update allows you to track any swap on DEX (only Uniswap and Sushiswap) in the liquidity pool with a minimum set value and to receive an instant alert.
By default when you add a coin you will be asked to set this value. Also you can try it by “Menu-Edit coin”.

Monitoring large purchases / sales on decentralised exchanges.
For example, a large purchase/sell for an asset can cause a panic buy/sell. Accordingly, you must be the first to notice it. This feature will be especially useful when you trade long-tail assets.
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Re: Notification bot to track DeFi liquidity pools and ERC-20 tokens price change

We`re super excited to announce that the following features have been added to EtherDrops - the Telegram bot for all your cryptocurrency needs:

1) Ethereum Gas Tracker. Set the Gwei amount to create a notification. It can be lower or higher than the current gas price. Very easy to follow and extremely useful as it can save you money and time when the Ethereum chain in overloaded with transactions. Simply proceed by selecting "Set Gas Alert" in the main menu.
2) Cross price notifications. It will notify you when the price of your chosen cryptocurrency (remember you can add any crypto to EtherDrops, whether it`s Bitcoin, Tron, ERC-20 etc.)  hits your target. To enable this notification, go to "Menu" and select "Edit Coins". Choose the crypto you follow and press "Price alert". You will then be prompted to enter a cross price. It can be lower or higher than the current price.

Looking forward to your comments (Menu- Contact us)
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Re: Notification bot to track DeFi liquidity pools and ERC-20 tokens price change

EtherDrops Telegram bot has been updated to improve UI and experience! Let`s check it out:

1) We`ve added a new button "+Add” to the Bottom menu. First, select “+Add”. Second, select either “Coin”, “Wallet” or “Pool”.
The following improvement aims to faсilitate the addition of new coins, wallets and pools in an easy, effective and time-saving manner. Your options are located in a nice and convenient way. There is no need to press “Menu” and then navigate to the desired option any longer, but you may continue to do so as you wish.

2) “Pagination” has been added to the “Edit Coins”, “Edit Wallets” and “Edit Pools” page. For this example, we will take the “Edit Coins” page for demonstrational purposes. Once you`re on the “Edit Coins” page and if you have over 5 coins added in total, this is when you will be able to take advantage of the new element. Previously you had to scroll down and up through the list to find the coin you need. From now on all your added coins will be listed on separate pages you can flip though. Each page will contain 5 coins. The bot will tell you which coins are on the next / previous page.

As always we will be glad to hear your thoughts and suggestions on the ways to improve EtherDrops even further. You can do it via the contact form “Contact us” on the main page.

Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year ;)
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