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If you have some free time on your hand's research into it a lot of places are starting to accept crypto as a payment method which is always a good sign. Cpocket has its own cryptocurrency based wallet in codecanyon dot net, so yeah crypto is the future it’s just knowing what to buy.
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Blogging is my passion and also has 6 years of online marketing experience. Recently I am working on Cryptocurrency related things. We have already launched a new crypto (Cpocket). You can get the project from codecanyon dot net. Hope you like it!

Re: CryptoHeresy is Looking for Contributors!

alexanderisora wrote:
February 5th, 2018, 9:40 am
Greetings, Heretics! 👋

Our community is constantly growing. We are close to the 1000th registered user - awesome!
We are looking for passionate Bitcoin enthusiasts who want to help the community.

The heroes wanted:
  • News Hawk
  • Interview Hero
  • Newbies Angel
  • ICO Expert
  • God of Tools
CryptoHeresy SuperHeroes will get an exclusive ability to place a 400×70px image banner in their signatures (other users cannot place images in signatures).

Please visit this page where the conditions are clearly described 👉 ... 147048d71c

Thanks for your attention! 🙂
you can also contact them .. ... t/27483828
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Re: CryptoHeresy is Looking for Contributors!

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Re: CryptoHeresy is Looking for Contributors!

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