[Pre-ANN] VOID - 1st Proof of Purchase Ethereum Token

1st Proof of Purchase Ethereum Token

We are working on a blockchain project called VOID, which is an Ethereum token and wallet app that means to incentivize spending of digital currencies.

We called this new concept in crypto proof of purchase and it works the same way in the real world.
You get rewards for buying certain commodities. However, in this case, these rewards are not points or discounts:
they are currency of which supply is very low and thus is perfect for store of value and to accrue interest.

The website is https://void.dawq.org and we are in a private seeding round at the moment,
offering up to 49% in equity or 50% discount in VOID token (2000 VOID per ETH).

A public sale - ICO/crowdsale - will start on 18th April where we intend to raise 1000 ETH(hard cap) at the price of 1000 VOID per 1 ETH.

Public announcement of the project will be soon - website, whitepaper, roadmap & team members, along with the forum thread.

Should you be willing to know more about the project please let us know and comment below at will.
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Airdrop Round 1 is CLOSED


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