FF News: Pentagon 'to release,' statement on UFO's...??

Pentagon to release statement on

“UFO SIGHTINGS,’ this June, says The Wolf of Wall Street…??

by Rabia Khan

(June 2021-Reuters) The Pentagon of The United States, is said to release

a statement this month regarding sightings of ‘aerial phenomenal,’

lurking the low skies of California

coast, last July 2020.

“We have evidence to believe that these sightings of Unedified Flying Objects (UFO

) sightings to be from a far, distance, with aircraft that can fly

faster than the speed of light,’ said Space X, Ceo Mr.Elon Musk.

Musk says that his investments into investigations on the planet Mars,

have been fruitful, with proven evidence that life existed on the planet Mars,

more than 3 billion years ago.

Speaking to SABC News, The Wolf of Wall Street,

Mr. Omar Abdulla says that these sightings

and investigations into UFO’s have caused local S P A C E

investment companies to rocket,

with South Africa, said to be launching flights to the planet Mars,

in June 2020.

“Our company has partnered with Space X and Virgin

Galactic so that the everyday person can travel

“Out of Space…’

US Navy pilots who spotted the light craft of aliens on Earth,

added that the aircraft had descended into the Pacific Ocean,

which none of the latest aircraft can do.

“These aircraft can fly way faster than ours and can act as a submarine.’

President of The United States, Mr. Joe Biden added that before

The Pentagon releases their findings to the media, he will brief Former President,

Mr. Barack Obama on his statement as Mr. Obama is more clued

up on National Defence.

The Omar Abdulla Group is an investment company into

Tik Tok SA, Instagram SA, Space X SA, Vaccines SA, Edukidz SA

and Bitcoin SA, fast becoming one of South Africa’s

leading and fastest growing companies.

Concluding his remarks to The California Times, Mr. Elon Musk says that he

will work with President Biden, Mr. Omar Abdulla and other

partners to create new aircraft and space equipment

to match our ‘new alien friends…’
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