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MASS Blockchain Consensus Engine

About MASS
MASS is a basic infrastructure layer that is capable of providing consensus services across any number of public chains. In order to create a sustainable and strong Layer 0, the MASS consensus engine uses MASS Proof-of-Capacity consensus protocol. Proof-of-Capacity establishes a consensus layer that is permissionless, fair, energy efficient, secure, and universal — ensuring the fundamental security of the public chain. Proof-of-Capacity is designed to preclude the use of ASICs: participants just need to have access to storage space (such as hard drive space on a basic laptop.)

MASS Net is the first public chain to make use of the MASS consensus engine (MASS is the store-of-value in circulation and the value anchor of the MASS consensus engine). The network is permissionless — with a level of security similar to the Nakamoto consensus protocol — nodes use storage capacity to run the consensus protocol. The network tends more towards decentralization compared to bitcoin, because competition for blocks does not require the use of prohibitively expensive computing resources. The MASS consensus engine is designed to enable participants to get a fair share of the value created — anyone can mine with commonplace hardware because only a small amount of computing resources is required. Furthermore, the network can support multiple blockchain instances in parallel.

MASS Net enables users to join a secure network and maintain it without the need for permission, and provides all participants a fair share of the value created.

masscafe.cn - WePool - Bounty Campaign

Hello MASS community and blockchain enthusiasts!

MASSCafe WePool is delighted to present you the bounty-program. Over the next 60 days, we invite you to participate in our campaigns and help us to build a strong community.

For this bitcointalk bounty program, WePool has reserved a lot of MASS Token . All of these MASS tokens will be fully distributed among the MASS bounty campaign participants. All rewards will be released at the end of the program.
All bounty rewards will be issued to MASSCafe WePool account.
WePool Docs: https://masscafe.cn/wepool/doc

We are looking forward to engage with you!

Below you will find a detailed list of different bounty campaigns of MASS.

Over the course of the next weeks we will launch additional contests and creative challenges. Stay tuned!

1 MASS= 100000000 Maxwell

Bounty Starting from 3 April 2020 - Closure date will be announced later.

About WePool
WePool is a PoC mining pool incubated by the MASS community that provides a variety of mining services to the public. Two mining models are currently in use, local mining and cloud mining. WePool's technical team has rich experience in this field and the service is diversified, convenient, and transparent. WePool is now available as part of the MASS Net blockchain project.

ALL Bounties

1. Translation campaign
2. Blog posts campaign
3. Twitter Campaign
4. Telegram Campaign
5. Discord Campaign
6. Video Campaign
7. Medium Campaign
8. WePool Campaign

Weekly Report Format

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#Proof of authentication post number:
WEEK: #1

Twitter Profile Link:
Twitter Tweets/retweets links:
1<dd/mm> _________
2<dd/mm> _________
3<dd/mm> _________

Telegram username:
1<dd/mm> _________
2<dd/mm> _________

Medium Profile Link:
Medium Clap links:

Telegram username: 
Post link of other crypto releted group/channel: 
1<dd/mm> ________
2<dd/mm> ________
3<dd/mm> ________

1. Translation campaign

MASS Bounty Thread: this thread
MASS Whitepaper: https://download.massnet.org/research/M ... Engine.pdf

1. The use of Google translator is prohibited. Participants using Google translator will be disqualified instantly without any incentive.
2. There will be only 1x translation per participant. Requests for multiple translations/languages will not be entertained.
3. Participant must be a native speaker of the aforementioned languages.
4. Participant must have work experience as a translator in other Bounty programs (links of your previous work is mandatory).
5. Please fill the registration form to reserve your native language. Start the translation only when you get approval from the BM.

- For translating the Bounty Thread and Thread moderation, you will get 2 MASS.
- Translating Whitepaper - 2 MASS

Fill this form to participate in Translation Campaign: Form

2. Blog posts campaign

Earn reward by writing a 500+ words blog post and publishing it online.

1. Articles need to be minimum of 500 words and receive 10 likes/comments/upvote or 50 views to qualify for the reward.
2. Blog post must be original (copied contents from thread, whitepaper and website content not allowed).
3. Outdated websites are not allowed. The website you choose to publish must be at least 2 months old, must show (users) daily activity/activity on a daily basis.
4. All entries must be submitted online and accessible by everyone.
5. Blog Post must two links to either MASS website, blog, bitcointalk threads (at least one of those link).
6. For more information about MASS visit our website. You can find more technical details in the white paper. The blog is also a good source of information.
7. Each participant can write 1 article only. If you produce a high-quality content article we may let you write 1 article per month.

Before you start, please post the website here on which you plan to post the blog post on. We will check if it's eligible for this campaign. Start after approval.

We will give out 1, 3, or 5 MASS depending on the quality of the blog post.
All MASS will be given out at the end of the bounty campaign.

Enter your article link in this form

3. Twitter Campaign

1. Follow MASS on Twitter:https://twitter.com/massnetorg
2. Only twitter accounts with more than 50 followers will be allowed.
3. Do not RT and like tweets that are answers to other users.
4. Tweets/retweets, participants need to take the MASS immediately, otherwise it may be unsuccessful.
5. RT should add at least 2 of these hashtags #MASS #Blockchain #PoC #HDD #Crypto #miner #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #Burst
6. Do not RT and like tweets that are more than four days old.
7. Your twitter audit (https://www.twitteraudit.com/) score must be equal to at least 85% and only real followers from the last audit will count.
8. We reserve the right to not consider your twitter account eligible for this campaign, even if you meet the prerequisites.

Tasks and Rewards:
1)Follow and retweet any tweets of MASS Official twitter within 4 days
2)Retweet with at least 10 words comments, and @ MASS account+two friends, you can obtain 25~150 MAXWell.

• 50-100 Followers:25 Maxwell
• 101-1000 Followers:50 Maxwell
• 1001-2000 Followers: 75 Maxwell
• 2001+ Followers:150 Maxwell

NOTE: The task can be performed up to 2 times everyday.
In Twitter campaign, we can automatically recognize follow and retweet operations without uploading screenshots or links.

Enter your TWITTER account data into the following form

4. Telegram Campaign

1. Spread Content' about MASS in your Telegram group and earn reward.
2. A maximum of 1 post every two days is allowed in each group. (This rules is mandatory because users won't accept daily spam in good channels and this something not good for advertising value.)
3. You must stay in the group untill the end of bounty program to receive your rewards.
4. Upload the screenshot links to us.
5. Spread the content in your Telegram group (not MASS Telegram Group) about MASS and upload the screenshot to earn some Maxwell.

• 100-249 members:10 Maxwell/post
• 250-749 members:15 Maxwell/post
• 750-2499 members:20 Maxwell/post
• 2500+members:30 Maxwell/post

Spread Content
MASS is a basic infrastructure layer that is capable of providing consensus services across any number of public chains.
Whitepaper:https://download.massnet.org/research/M ... Engine.pdf
MASS Docs:https://docs.massnet.org/en/

5. Discord Campaign

Minimum invites requirement - 20. With invites less then 20 no reward will be given. Fake invites will result in permanent BAN without any incentive.
1. Create Instant Invite – Check the box "Set this link to never expire"
2. Share link and watch your rank grow.

Check Rank: #!invites #invite-bounty
Discord: https://discord.gg/jxd82EJ

Rank 1: 300 Maxwell
Rank 2: 200 Maxwell
Rank 3: 100 Maxwell
Rank 4-10: 30 Maxwell
Rank 11-20: 15 Maxwell
Enter your Discord account data into the following form

6. Video Campaign

1. Videos need to be a minimum of 3 minutes in length and have at least 250 views to qualify for the reward.
2. All video names need to include "MASS", "Blockchain". (Optional "Sharding")
3. The video description or content needs to mention the project name MASS, the project official website https://massnet.org, the project telegram group link https://t.me/massnetorg, highlight the advantages of the project, and the video maker's own understanding of the MASS. (about 50 words)
4. Video cannot be deleted before the bounty ends, otherwise the MASS will not be rewarded.
5. A maximum of 1 video every two days
6. All released videos need to authorize MASS official use and forwarding permissions.
7. Video needs to be original. Users found copying other videos will be disqualified.
8. This is a high-quality project, and we encourage genuine discussion and opinions. Any misrepresentations of the project/ false claims will not be permitted and MASS will not be awarded.
9. Please provide enough details of the producer (bounty hunter) at the end of the video to ensure authenticity can be verified.
10. Videos should never be removed.

We will issue 1-5 MASS according to the video quality, playback volume, comment volume and number of followers.
NOTE:The task can be performed up to 1 time every two days.

1. Enter your video link into the following form
2. Check if your application is accepted here

7. Medium Campaign

1. You must follow our Official Medium Publication.(medium.com/@massnetorg)
2. You have to clap at least 20 times in order to get the reward.

1. For clapping all weekly posts = 5 Maxwell
2. Add '_MASS' to your handleuntil the end of the bounty program = 50 Maxwell

Enter your Medium link into the following form

8. WePool Campaign

As long as you register an account with MASSCafe WePool, we will give you an additional 3 day of 1T computing power for WePool(https://masscafe.cn/wepool/doc).

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