Polkadot price prediction: can DOT rebound to $50?

• Bullish DOT price prediction ranges from $26.32 to $42.43.
• The DOT price might also reach $50 soon.
• DOT bearish market price prediction for 2021 is $16.94.

The DOT is the native token of this crypto project, and participates in governance decisions, including voting and bonding. The investors and community are waiting to witness the price surge to $50 soon amid bullish sentiments.

Polkadot (DOT) Price Prediction 2021

Besides, the Polkadot price prediction value shows a bullish pattern. On the off chance that this pattern proceeds, DOT may run alongside the bulls, overwhelming its $42.43 obstruction level and move considerably higher to $50.

Alternately, if the financial backers betray the crypto, the bears may dominate and push DOT from its upturn position. In easier terms, the cost of DOT may diminish to nearly $16.94, a negative sign.

In the mean time, our drawn out DOT value expectation 2021 is bullish. It has a high chance of arriving at new statures. Notwithstanding, that will possibly occur on the off chance that it breaks numerous past mental protections.


Polkadot has a brilliant future in front of it in 2021. With the continuous advancements occurring inside the DOT biological system, just as in the in general crypto market, we might see DOT arrive at new statures.
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